A finely trained ear is as key to a soundtrack as a rack of high performance equipment, and we have both!Musictracks Audio uses cutting-edge computer software and hardware for digitizing (creating computerized sound files) and audio editing. 

We can convert sound files into a variety of bit and sample rates, and a variety of formats (MP3, .WAV, .AIFF, etc.), and mix down sessions onto the audio medium of your choice (DAT, CD-R, MiniDisc), as well as the option of instant transfer via email or the internet. For noise reduction on audio files for CD and Internet use, we batch process with WaveConvert software. Multi-track music and sound mixes are done in ProTools, with built-in and outboard sweetening and processing (EQ, reverb, pitch and tempo shifting, compression/ limiting, etc.) For simple mono or stereo recording, we use Audacity software.